we have answered a few of the common questions we are asked, if you cant see the answer you are looking for please contact us, we are always happy to help.

We can’t let staff go for 3 days in a row, how can we fit the training in?

We offer a range of options for extended courses, one day a week, 3 hour sessions, x 6 for FAW, x 4 for Paediatric, x 2 for the EFAW
We can run courses on inset days/sessions
We run courses at evenings and weekends too

Who should attend the training?

Pick people that want to learn about first aid
You definitely don’t want those that faint at the sight of blood
People who flap in a crisis probably are not the best to send either
Those that are in the work environment regularly

How long do qualifications last for?

All of them last for three years
Annual refresher training is “strongly recommended” too

Once we have done the training, is that it for three years?

We will provide you with annual refresher training (3 hours) but its not compulsory
We will remind you when your staff need to re-qualify, we will give you plenty of notice so that you can get everyone organised
We will let you know if anything relating to first aid changes via email

We have been told we need to do due diligence in choosing our First Aid provider?

We are accredited with the First Aid Industry Body http://www.faib.co.uk/registrants/, this guarantees we meet all of the required Health and Safety Executive requirements

We have used someone else in the past for our first aid qualifications, do we have to stay with them?

Not at all, we just need the dates your staff are due to retake their qualification and we will arrange everything for you