Nettle stings

Nettle stings are an itchy and sometimes painful, raised rash on the skin known as hives.

Nettle plants have leaves covered in hairs, and the hairs contain histamine and formic acid that irritates the skin.

If the skin comes into contact with the nettle leaves the reaction will happen within an hour. The casualty will develop hives which will be itchy and painful.


  • Nettle stings should not need hospital treatment.
  • Try a menthol cream to help reduce the itching and anti-histamines to relieve the rash. If pain is remains,  paracetamol can be taken.
  • If in doubt, ring 111 or speak to Pharmacist at the chemist.

Mini  Stroke (TIA)actfaststrokeposter

A mini stroke or TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack) is like a Stroke but it may only last a few minutes.

A mini stroke is caused when the blood vessel carrying oxygenated blood to the brain is blocked, this is normally caused by a blood clot getting stuck in the very small vessels of the brain

In mini strokes; the blockage should clear its self in minutes or hours and be resolved in 24 hours.

To recognise a mini stroke use the F.A.S.T test:

FACE – has the face drooped on one side, the eyes or mouth may have dropped to one side. Casualty may not be able to smile.

ARMS – ask them to squeeze your hands or raise both of their hands.

SPEECH – speech may be slurred or they may not be able to speak at all.

TIME- call 999 straight away of the person has ANY of the three above problems

Other signs can include loss or blurring vision, confusion or dizziness, problems with balance and difficulty swallowing.

You must always ring 999


  • A mini stroke is a warning that you are at risk of a larger stroke.
  • Prevention is the main goal, this will include life style changes, stopping smoking, cut down alcohol consumption, healthier diet and take up exercise. Medication may also be given.