Leg cramps.

icyhotpatchpainLeg cramp is a pain in the leg, which can happen suddenly and is caused by a shortening of the muscle in the leg. Leg cramps can occur in the feet and thighs but most commonly occur in the calf muscle.

During a leg cramp the muscle will become painful and tight. The toes and feet may also become stiff. Cramp can last seconds and up to 10 minutes.

Causes of leg cramp include – abnormal nerve activity, or strain during exercise. Other cause can include infection, pregnancy and dehydration.

Medical assistance is not usually needed for leg cramps.

Call your GP or 111 if:

  • If leg cramps are affecting your day to day life.
  • Last longer than 10 minute.
  • The cramp is a result of coming into contact with a poisonous or toxic substance.