Insect bites and stings.


Usually not serious but can be painful and are very common. Signs of insect bites include red, swollen and itchy skin, the insect may leave a hole in the skin, as a defence some insects will inject venom. If the insects have injected venom the bite will look swollen, may become itchy and leave a red mark which fills with fluid.

Stings can be treated at home, if the sting is visible, you can scrape the sting out with a bank card. DO NOT use tweezers as you might pop the venom sac and spread the toxins. Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain. Bites can be treated at home to, wash the affected area with soap and water; apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and any pain. Try not to scratch.

Insect bites and stings are usually not serious, but if you are someone else who was bitten or stung starts having breathing difficulties or severe swelling. Ring 999 straight away. (See Anaphylactic shock for more information) B - Bee Sting