Grazes are a very common minor, non-life threatening injury that we have all suffered particularly during our childhood, as long as they are cleaned thoroughly and kept clean they won’t cause any health problems.

Most grazes are minor and can be easily treated at home and without medical intervention.
Bleeding from these injuries is usually minor and your priority should be to clean the area thoroughly.
Once the area is clean, apply a plaster or a non-adhesive dressing to the area and keep it dry and clean.
If the graze is bleeding heavily or is on a particularly delicate area of your body, such as the palm of your hand, you should stop the bleeding before applying any kind of dressing. Apply pressure to the area using a bandage or a clean towel.

To dress a graze at home:
• wash and dry your hands thoroughly
• clean the wound under running tap water, but do not use antiseptic because it may damage the tissue and slow down healing
• pat the area dry with a clean towel
• apply a sterile adhesive dressing, such as a plaster
Keep the dressing clean by changing it as often as necessary. Keep the wound dry by using waterproof dressings, which will allow you to take showers.