Febrile Convulsions

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The part of the brain that controls temperature doe not fully develop in a child until around the age of four. Unfortunately this means that when a child under four develops a temperature (above 38 ⁰C) whilst unwell their core temperature may rise rapidly and significantly, this may lead to seizures. These seizure are called Febrile convulsions.

Febrile convulsions are most common in children between the ages of one and four but can occur anywhere between six months and six years old.

The use of Paracetamol and ibuprofen at the correct dose works well to manage a temperature


  • → Protect the child from injury during the seizure but do not restrain them
  • → Remove clothing, down to nappy or knickers is best and air the room to cool the area that they are in if needed but don’t make them cold.
  • → When the seizure stops check that normal breathing has resumed
  • → When breathing normally place the child into the recovery position or support them on their side until they become fully conscious
  • → Call for help

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