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Dislocations are extremely painful injuries that occur at the joints. The two bones at the joint are forcefully pulled apart, moving out of their normal position causing pain.

Common sites for dislocations are the shoulder, knee, hip, fingers.

Recognition features:

  • → Pain at the site of the injury
  • → Irregularity, deformity, swelling and bruising
  • → Difficulty in moving the affected part
  • → Crepitus (grinding of the bone ends when movement occurs)



  • → Don’t move the injured part
  • → Steady, support and immobilise in a comfortable position
  • → For upper limbs applying a sling may ease pain
  • → You may need to treat for shock, keep them warm (not too hot)
  • → Calm and reassure
  • → Call 999 for an ambulance if needed


Dislocated knee cap

dislocated knee caps




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