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The most common age group affected by this infection are between the ages of six months and three years.

Croup is an infection of the airway to the lungs. Croup is instantly recognisable by the distinctive “barking” cough, and a particularly harsh sound as the child breathes in, this noise is known as stridor – if you aren’t familiar with this sound you can listen to it here.

Croup is often initially diagnosed as a cold as the child can have a cough, runny nose and a sore throat, as the condition worsens over a couple of days the distinctive “barking” cough, difficulty breathing and swallowing and hoarse voice begin to present themselves.

Severe croup:

  • → The child is struggling to breath, look for signs of “tug” and “intercostal recession”
  • → The child cannot swallow effectively
  • → This child needs urgent medical attention, call 999


Mild croup:

  • → Arrange to see a GP or urgent care centre
  • → Give Paracetamol to manage a temperature as per dose on the packet
  • → Give plenty of fluids
  • → Monitor the child for any signs of breathing or swallowing problems


For more info follow the link to the NHS A-Z


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